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100% (now - A Free Online Multiplayer Zombie Survival Strategy Game

Get ready to fight for your life in, a thrilling .io game that puts you in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. This free online multiplayer game challenges you to survive against hordes of undead creatures while building your base and expanding your territory.

In, you start as a lone survivor with nothing but your wits and a few basic resources. As you explore the world, you'll gather materials and craft tools to help you survive. You'll also encounter other players who are trying to do the same, and you can team up with them or fight against them to gain an advantage.

But the real challenge in is the zombies. They come in waves, increasing in strength and number as you progress. You'll need to build defenses and weapons to fend them off, and you'll need to constantly upgrade your base to keep up with their attacks.

As you play, you'll also need to manage your resources carefully. Food, water, and other supplies are limited, and you'll need to balance your needs with those of your team and your base. You'll also need to keep an eye on your health and stamina, as well as your morale, which can be affected by your actions and those of your team. is a strategy game at its core, and success requires careful planning and execution. You'll need to make tough decisions about where to place your resources and how to allocate your time and energy. And you'll need to be constantly adapting to the changing conditions of the game.

But with its challenging gameplay, engaging multiplayer mode, and thrilling zombie theme, is sure to keep you entertained for hours. So gather your team, fortify your base, and get ready to fight for survival in this exciting .io game.

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