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Subway Surfers Haunted Hood
Subway Surfers Haunted Hood

Subway Surfers Haunted Hood

Subway Surfers World Tour: Haunted House

This update releases two new characters: Thursday and Outatime Jake, a new outfit for Scarlett called Botanical Horror Outfit and two new boards: Flaming Doll and Back to the Future and a new game mode: Plant Invasion: No Floor Challenge.

Overcome numerous obstacles along the way, such as barriers, trains, traffic light posts and many other things and hop aboard your powerful hoverboard before the evil security guard and his dark and sinister friends catch you. Collect lots of coins to improve your appearance and therefore your gaming experience.

Are you ready to experience a bone-chilling adventure? Look no further than Subway Surfers Haunted Hood, the latest addition to the popular Subway Surfers sequels. This free online game takes you on a thrilling run through the haunted streets of a mysterious neighborhood, filled with spooky surprises and exciting challenges.

Subway Surfers Haunted Hood is all about fast-paced running and skateboarding. As the main character, you'll navigate through a 3D world, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, and trying to outrun the creepy inspector and his dog. Put your reflexes to the test as you jump, slide, and dodge your way through haunted alleys, eerie graveyards, and haunted houses.

Key Features:

  • Endless Running: Get ready for a non-stop adrenaline rush as you run through the haunted streets, with no limits on how far you can go.
  • Skateboard Tricks: Ride your trusty skateboard to perform jaw-dropping tricks and gain extra points to boost your score.
  • Spooky Obstacles: Watch out for terrifying obstacles like gravestones, ghost trains, and flying bats. React quickly to avoid them and keep the game going.
  • Collectibles and Power-ups: Grab power-ups and collect coins along the way to unlock new characters, hoverboards, and upgrades, enhancing your running experience.
  • Stunning 3D Graphics: Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful 3D visuals, bringing the spooky atmosphere of Haunted Hood to life.
  • Compete with Friends: Connect with friends through social media platforms and challenge them to beat your high score, adding an element of friendly competition to the game.

Subway Surfers Haunted Hood offers an addictive and thrilling gaming experience suitable for players of all ages. Whether you're a fan of the Subway Surfers franchise or simply looking for a new and exciting online game, Haunted Hood is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

With its seamless controls, intuitive gameplay, and regular updates, this game guarantees endless fun and excitement. So put on your running shoes, grab your skateboard, and get ready to face the spooky challenges that await you in Subway Surfers Haunted Hood!