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Defense games have been a popular genre in the world of gaming for a long time. These games typically involve the player taking on the role of a defender, tasked with protecting a particular object or territory from an onslaught of enemies. The games can be set in various scenarios, from medieval castles to futuristic space stations, and they often involve strategic planning and resource management to ensure success.

The objective of these games is to prevent the enemy from reaching the target by using a range of weapons, traps, and tactics. Some of the more popular defense games include Bloons Tower Defense, Kingdom Rush, and Plants vs. Zombies. With the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, many defense games have also been adapted for mobile devices, providing players with a convenient way to enjoy the genre on-the-go.

Defense games require quick reflexes and careful planning, making them a fun and challenging option for gamers of all ages. They are also a great way to improve problem-solving skills and strategic thinking, making them a popular choice for educators and parents alike. Whether you are looking for a casual distraction or a more intense gaming experience, defense games offer something for everyone.