Ultimate Hero Clash 2
Walkthrough Video - Ultimate Hero Clash 2

Ultimate Hero Clash 2

#Foundation STORY#

The prophetically catastrophic fiasco breaks out, Dr. T and his malevolent armed force have attacked in an overall manner, attempting to obliterate the entire earth and understand the prescience of Armageddon. The zombie armed force is charging towards your base and kill the survivors. Call and lead legends to recover our base and oppose the assault of the zombie armed force.



Conflict of Legends is a technique war game that joins components of legend development, tower protection and association fight. As a commandant, you can select legends, construct your base, join the palace assault and protection, experience the legend field, oppose the assault of zombies, examine the association fight, partake in the cross-server realm war, become the ruler of the world and back to the pinnacle of brilliance!


Procedure Pinnacle Guard

Commandants are allowed to put cautious structures in the base, or they can send legends to monitor the base. Think carefully and procedures to make a strong metropolitan protection framework to oppose the assaults of different players. Or on the other hand put out up snares to bait the adversaries and kill them all.


Worldwide Players Field

Test your abilities in the serious Royale Conflict Field and demonstrate you're really amazing. Plan your interesting fight system with incalculable mixes of legends and warriors. Contend with the first class players from everywhere the world and move to the highest point of the Incredible Legends List of competitors.


Challenge Incredible Chief

Lead your legends to investigate the relics of Atlantis. Challenge the awe-inspiring chief, take advantage of the chance to deliver abilities, kill with one hit, in a flash hit hazardous DMG, rout the last chief and win rich prizes.


Select 100+ Legends

Gather more than 100+ legends from multiverse, develop and stir their super capacities, and actuate their own selective antiquities. Work on your solidarity in the conflict of legends and construct a strong legend group to manage different troubles and difficulties.


Incredible Realm Wars

Go past conventional pinnacle safeguard play mode in realm war. Collaborate with your partners and companions. Lead your legends and troops in realm war, vanquish the palaces, and contend with a great many players! Lead your domain to the highest point of the world in the last conflict!


What are you hanging tight for? Join Conflict of Legends to compose your own legend!