Super Cop Hero
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Super Cop Hero

With incredible power comes extraordinary tomfoolery! Rout lethal foes with the powers of a superhuman. Lift, consume, and freeze adversaries who attempt to hinder you. Nobody will prevent you from getting equity. Your group of legends are here to make all the difference.

Key Features

  1. Annihilate them all and save the world!

The Super association was shaped to save the world. Utilize your abilities, destructive exactness and accuracy to keep the trouble makers under control! Whether it is a covert operative, specialist, zombie, logger, outsider, or a malicious driving force they are here to assume control over the world and just a SUPER can bring them down and save the world.

  1. Open Awe-inspiring Missions and new characters

Such countless foes and levels for you to address with your fast mind and huge cerebrum. Open new characters with new extraordinary capacities for a totally different interpretation of new levels. How savvy would you say you are? Could you at any point settle every one of the riddles?

  1. New Difficulties Anticipate

New levels, new characters, secret missions. There are so many things you can do with The Superhuman Association. You should simply be essential for the group.

  1. Connecting with Material science Puzzler

Simply the savviest and fastest can settle every one of the riddles! You will require something other than precision to endure. Speed, timing, cunning and persistence are everything you should turn into a definitive legend. Might you at any point get three stars on each level?

  1. Legend versus Bad guy

Is it safe to say that you are awesome out there? Assist the legends with overcoming the bad guys and save the world! Newcomers will be accessible. It's everything for you to control.

  1. Use magnificent powers

Do you consume like a Phoenix. Might you at any point control time like the Void? Allow it to go by freezing foes. This is the most interesting riddle experience you can play.

Is it safe to say that you are prepared to join The Hero Association?

Point, shoot, assist the legends with overcoming the bad guys and save the world!

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