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Sharkosaurus Rampage

Sharkosaurus Rampage

Experience Dino Destruction with Sharkosaurus Rampage - A Free Online Game

Get ready to unleash your inner T-Rex with Sharkosaurus Rampage, a game that lets you take on the role of a prehistoric predator. Explore the city, destroy buildings, and cause mayhem as you rampage your way through the streets. This free online game is perfect for anyone who loves dinosaurs and simulation games.

Become Sharkosaurus - The Ultimate Dino Rampager

In Sharkosaurus Rampage, you get to become the ultimate dinosaur rampager. As you play, you'll take on the role of a ferocious T-Rex that has been genetically modified to become even more powerful. Your mission is to rampage through the city, destroying everything in your path. The more destruction you cause, the higher your score will be.

Explore the City and Cause Chaos

The city is your playground in Sharkosaurus Rampage. You can explore every corner of the map, from the streets to the skyscrapers. As you rampage, you'll encounter police officers and military personnel who will try to stop you. But don't worry - you're a powerful dino, and you can easily take them down.

Destroy Buildings and Unleash Devastating Attacks

One of the best things about Sharkosaurus Rampage is the destructible environment. You can destroy buildings, cars, and even helicopters with ease. As you play, you'll unlock new attacks that will help you cause even more destruction. From fire breath to tail whips, your attacks will leave a trail of destruction in your wake.


If you're looking for a free online game that lets you unleash your inner dinosaur, then Sharkosaurus Rampage is the perfect choice. With its immersive gameplay, destructible environment, and powerful attacks, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Start rampaging today!

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