Mad Driver

Mad Driver

Drive Mad Game Review 

Are you ready to test your driving skills and reflexes to the limit? If yes, Drive Mad offers you silly cars to drive at high speeds on dangerous terrains. It is your core duty to remain calm and collected behind the wheel as beastly vehicles roar their way to the 100th level finish level. 

Will you successfully make it to the end? It all depends on your skills to pass difficult obstacles without flipping the truck. 

Drive Mad Key Information 

The game is developed by the legendary Martin Magni. Magni needs no introduction if you have played other games by him, including Fancade. He is a polished developer of free-to-play games compatible with web browsers, iOS and Android Apps. So, you can play Drive Mad on your favorite device as you relish breathtaking graphics, customized trucks for each level, and electrifying soundtracks that characterize the game. 

Drive Mad Steps and Control Panel 

As you will realize when you start playing, the player control panel has easy-to-master control keys. The game is thus, ideal for gamers of all skill levels. Also, you will notice the game takes a single-player campaign path. As such, successive levels have newer and more exciting missions and challenges. 

The strategically labelled controls let you have easy gameplay. They are as follows 

  • Forward Steering - Up arrow key, Right arrow key, W, D, X, or mouse click. 
  • Backward Steering - Use the Down arrow key, left arrow key, or S, A, and Z. 
  • Keep in mind that your vehicle or truck might flip and you won’t have any control over it. Therefore, it is imperative you establish a workable balance among these controls. 

Drive Mad Levels 

This game presents you with up to 100 hundred levels. Your success in moving the truck across obstacles in the previous level determines whether you qualify for the successive one. Every level has unique obstacles, from bridges to narrow roads and sharp turns, these are some of the challenges you have to cope with. 

Nevertheless, it never gets boring as you have customized vehicles for every level. It could be a mini track or giant truck with enviable off-road wheels helping you drive steadily in challenging terrains. 

Top Drive Mad Tips and Tricks 

With so many levels and changing terrains to contend with, Drive Mad will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat. The obstacles and unpredictable race tracks will always disturb you. You will thus, need composure, skills, and a few tips to avoid your truck flipping off-truck. 

Different levels have various perilous obstacles. Whether it is crossing a bridge or jumping over a water body, you have to practice instinctive touch on controls to ensure steady focus. The best approach is to find driving and control tricks that help you manage the vehicle’s speed and balance. 

The good news is that every level gives you a chance to try again and again if you fail to progress. As such, you can learn which control buttons optimize your probability to graduate to the next level.