THE NEW Authority KRUNKER Application remade starting from the earliest stage to convey a total portable encounter. Appreciate ongoing interaction with high FPS (up to 144) and powerful controls customization with a draggable manager and sliders for tweaking. Could it be said that you are hoping to check the market, check details, or buy KR? The new Krunker application allows you to do all that while beyond the game (while saving you on battery life).It's a customized Krunker experience, the ideal buddy application for PC players, and a definitive method for playing Krunker portable.


Completely CROSS-Stage Speedy FPS


Is it safe to say that you are prepared for a genuine test? Worn out on battling against bots in other portable FPS games? Fight with anybody (genuine players just), whether they're on a PC, Macintosh, or Chromebook, Android or iOS gadget. No bots. Investigate in a real sense 100,000+ client made custom guides for boundless ongoing interaction assortment.


Well known Modes include:

- Free For All

- Tainted Zombies Mode

- Parkour Mode

- Some More!

Rundown OF Elements and Advancements:


Decreased battery channel while on the application home screen, market, shop, and so forth.

Highlighted custom games on the application home screen

Gather your free KR consistently

Peruse Krunker Social

Check the Krunker lists of competitors

Revive (F5) button in-game

Purchase, exchange, and sell on Krunker Market

Purchase KR and twists to open new things

Really take a look at profile and inbox

Play Krunker portable in full screen with a slide-up cabinet that allows you to get to helpful elements like "another game" button.

Tweak your button design with a drag gable format proofreader and make calibrate changes utilizing sliders.