Minecraft Ville

Minecraft Ville

GameGab.com offers you Krunker Season 6, which is the latest installment of the popular online shooter game, Krunker.io. It brings various new features, including new dyes, weapons, skins, maps, settings, battle pass challenges and zombie mode.


Players can also enjoy the newly added texture viewer, which allows them to customise their character with different colours and textures. The season also introduces a range of charms for weapons that can be used to enhance the look of your character. With all these exciting additions, Krunker Season 6 promises to be an even more thrilling experience than before!


Krunker Season 6 offers an array of new content for players to explore. The new dyes allow players to customise their characters with unique colour combinations and patterns. A variety of new weapons have also been added, such as sniper rifles and shotguns that offer more strategic options in combat. Skins are also available for players to choose from when customising their characters.


Maps have been updated with new locations and settings that provide a greater challenge for experienced players, while still being accessible to newcomers. Battle Pass challenges reward players for completing various tasks throughout the season, while Zombie Mode adds an extra layer of difficulty by introducing undead enemies into the mix.


Finally, the Texture Viewer allows users to customize their characters even further by applying different colors and textures to their avatars.


Minecraft Ville - Krunker Season 6 Controls

Krunker Season 6 is playable using either a keyboard and mouse or a controller. With the keyboard and mouse, players can move their character with WASD, jump with the spacebar, aim and shoot with the left and right mouse buttons, use items with E or Q, reload/switch weapons by pressing R and access in-game menus by pressing ESC.


Using a controller, players can move their character with the left joystick and aim/shoot with the right joystick while using A to jump, B to switch weapons and Y to access the menu.


Overall, Krunker Season 6 is sure to be an exciting experience for both veteran players and newcomers alike! With its wide range of content and features, it's sure to provide hours upon hours of entertainment for anyone looking for a fun online shooter game.