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Play Craftnite io unblocked at Gamegab is an action-packed multiplayer game with elements from both Minecraft and Fortnite. On, players can battle it out in a Battle Royale mode, fighting for the top spot on the leaderboard. 

How To Play

In this first-person shooter, players can switch between their weapons and crafting gear to take down enemies or dig for treasures as they win stairs and build new ones upwards.

The goal is to explore the map and eliminate other players, farming for items to collect ammunition, weapons, and tools. 


Different strategies can be used depending on a player's playing style, such as hiding to regain health or climbing to high ground as you attack other players.

The game features extensive control options, with a full inventory accessible by pressing TAB, and the ability to quickly switch weapons using the number keys or a mouse button.

Basically, you will have a sniper rifle, a pickaxe, and the chance to throw dynamite. The main objective is to hide quickly so that other players do not spot and shoot you. You have two options; first, use the pickaxe to dig and hide in the ground, or the second option, build stairs to reach high ground.


  • Battle Royale mode

  • First-person shooter gameplay

  • Switch between weapons and crafting gear

  • Explore the map and eliminate other players

  • Farm for items to collect weapons and ammunition

  • Hide to regain health or climb to higher ground for better vantage points

  • Jump left mouse button

  • Extensive control options

  • Full inventory is accessible when you press tab.

  • Switch items - Quick weapon switching using number keys.

  • Space bar - Jump



io craftnite was first released in November 2019 and was developed by Christopher Lied and Pierre-Eli Normandeau. 

Join the single player survival version action now and fight for the top spot on the leaderboard on!