80% is a fun and exciting online game available on This game is designed for casual gamers who love Minecraft-style graphics and a variety of game modes. 

Whether you're a fan of parkour, sandbox creativity, or combat, has something for everyone.

In, your mission is to reach the end of the map within a given time frame by hopping through the level parkour-style. 

In DoodleCube, you create objects based on the theme presented and other users vote on how representative they are of that object. 

In EvilTower, your goal is to reach the top of the tower using your parkour skills. The Peaceful mode is similar to creative mode in Minecraft, where you can roam freely collecting resources and building. 

CubeWarfare adds exciting battles, where you can compete against other players in a third-person shooter setting while building blocks.

The game offers various features such as:

  • Explore fun, voxelated worlds for free in your web browser 
  • Play various game modes with different objectives 
  • Earn gold from your achievements and spend it in the store 
  • Join your friends in multiplayer games is a fun and engaging online game that will keep you entertained for hours. With its diverse game modes, this game offers an immersive gaming experience for all types of players. Try it now on!