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Are you set for a thrilling experience? Dive into the excitement with Miniblox, an engaging multiplayer game that draws inspiration from the iconic Minecraft. Immerse yourself in a plethora of activities, showcasing your prowess across expansive worlds brimming with challenges, obstacles, and perils at every turn. if you like, you will enjoy this game for sure.

Delight in leaping across levels, navigating through a vast array of mini-games, and constructing imaginative structures with an extensive selection of blocks. Strive for survival across diverse gameplay modes. Gather materials, hunt for sustenance, combat formidable foes, and traverse stunning landscapes, all while aiming to stay alive. Moreover, unleash your creativity by crafting your own worlds, sharpen your reflexes to dodge obstacles, and master the art of long jumps without injury. Whether you're a budding builder or a parkour enthusiast eager for an adrenaline kick, this game promises an adventure tailor-made for you!

Be the King of Crafting: Sandbox Worlds

  • In Survival and Survival (Keep Inventory) maps, you will survive in the wild nature. Collect resources and start crafting.
  • Your character will be hungry in time, so you need to hunt chickens, pigs and sheep to collect their meat. It may also be helpful to collect chickens' feathers and sheep leather.
  • You will encounter green monsters, and they may attack and hurt you. Avoid them as much as you can.
  • You may see lakes and wetlands on the maps. But be careful while moving on them as you may get caught by the current. The current can take you places you do not want.
  • As game offers survival experience in these maps, watch out for your character's health and hunger status from the bars. You can see the bars at the bottom right of the screen.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Creativity Maps

  • What you will need most is your creativity in the Creative and Superflat maps. These modes enable you to create your own world with endless item options.
  • Tap to the E key to search for the items. You will see planks, ores of various precious stones, logs of different tree species, and saplings. And many more things to discover.
  • Choose which item you want to use and add it to your inventory to be able to use and create.

Improve Your Reflexes: Parkour Maps

  • You will find two different parkour maps in the game: Jump Parkour and Spiral Parkour.
  • They will challenge your character-controlling skills as you will have to perform long jumps and overcome many blocks to move between spiraling tracks.
  • Do not forget to reach the golden checkpoints to save your progress.