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Battle For Kingdom
Battle For Kingdom

Battle For Kingdom

Battle For Kingdom - A Free Online Tower Defense Game

Battle For Kingdom is a free online game that is all about defence and strategy. Built with a unique tower defence gameplay, you must build and deploy towers to defend your kingdom from waves of enemy attacks. The game is set in a medieval era, where you play as the commander of the kingdom's army, tasked to protect the castle from the hordes of evil forces.

With a range of towers and upgrades to choose from, you must build a strong defence system to hold off the enemy forces. The game has multiple levels, each with a unique layout and enemy types, making each level a new challenge. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more towers and upgrades, giving you more options to protect your kingdom.

How to Play Battle For Kingdom

The gameplay of Battle For Kingdom is simple yet challenging. You start by selecting a level and choosing your towers. You can place your towers anywhere on the map, but be careful, as the enemy forces will try to find ways to bypass your defences.

Each tower has its unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. You can upgrade your towers to increase their damage and range, and unlock special abilities to help you in battle. You earn gold by killing enemies, and use it to buy and upgrade your towers.

The game has a variety of enemies, ranging from foot soldiers to giant beasts. Each enemy has its strengths and weaknesses, so you must choose the right towers to counter them. Some enemies are immune to certain types of damage, so you must have a mix of towers to defeat them.

Features of Battle For Kingdom

  • Free online game
  • Tower defence gameplay
  • Multiple levels with unique layouts and enemy types
  • A range of towers and upgrades to choose from
  • Unlockable special abilities to help you in battle
  • A variety of enemies with strengths and weaknesses


Battle For Kingdom is a fun and challenging tower defence game that will keep you engaged for hours. With its unique gameplay, multiple levels, and a range of towers and upgrades to choose from, the game offers a lot of variety and replayability. So if you are a fan of tower defence games, give Battle For Kingdom a try and see if you can defend your kingdom from the enemy forces.