Age of War
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Age of War

Age of War is a strategic game that is available on Gamegab, a platform that offers a vast collection of games for players of all ages. This game is a classic battle between humans and creatures from another world. The game has different eras, from the Stone Age to the future, where the player must lead their army to conquer the enemy and protect their civilization. The game requires quick thinking, strategy, and a bit of luck to succeed.


The gameplay of Age of War is simple and straightforward. The player must build their army and send them to attack the enemy. The enemy will also send their army to attack the player, so it is crucial to keep the defense strong. The player must also collect resources to build their army and upgrade their weapons. The game is split into different eras, and as the player progresses, they unlock new technologies and weapons. The player must also defeat the boss of each era to progress to the next.


  • Intense battles
  • Different eras and technologies
  • Upgradeable weapons and army
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Challenging boss battles


Age of War is a fantastic game that offers a fun and challenging experience. The game is easy to understand but difficult to master, making it perfect for players of all skill levels. The different eras and technologies keep the game fresh and exciting. The player must use their strategy and quick thinking to conquer the enemy and protect their civilization. Overall, Age of War is a must-play for fans of strategy games and is available exclusively on Gamegab.