Defenders of the Realm
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Defenders of the Realm

Epic defender of the realm game

Safeguards! Will you notice the call to guard the realm? Is it true or not that you are prepared to take on the most legendary pinnacle protection game and become the lord of legends that the domain needs? A horde of legends and pinnacles anticipate your key and strategic ability to squash the powers of malevolence!

Begin playing Domain Guard now and assume control over a different cast of legends like Seethe the powerful winged serpent, Bolton the Wizard, Helios the Phoenix, a secretive sorceress, and a lot more past your most stunning creative mind!

Would you like to make a strategy to defend?

Use bowmen, sleeping quarters, enchantment pinnacles, and cannons to shield the realm from the surge of oozes and shaking skeletons. Investigate energetic universes of frozen tundra, searing desert sands, a mystical society in the skies, into dim underground passages and a place that is known for cherry blooms. All with one of a kind groups of foes to vanquish, and more to come!

Features of Defender of the realm

  • 300+ levels with different game play modes
  • Various universes and domains to play with - Each having four unique pinnacles
  • Contend in competitions to show your pinnacle protection abilities and win huge awards
  • Strong legends with one of a kind capacities to help you: Expense the Bowman dispatches a destructive Kill Shot, Lancelot the Knight releases the Clench hand of Equity, Seethe the Winged serpent downpours down Intensity Searcher fireballs and some more
  • Go head to head against epic supervisors including a Skeleton Mage that rides a monster ooze and destroys your legends and a bomb throwing, mammoth riding Troll Ruler, and seethe your foes to triumph
  • Gigantic assortment of foes offer different difficulties: Consume your adversary, freeze them, and more with 4 spells to project in fight
  • Lovely scenes and character activitys
  • One of the most outstanding pinnacle safeguard games free on the android market

• Fun methodology games and illustrious difficulties