Epic Rivals Battle
Walkthrough Video - Epic Rivals Battle

Epic Rivals Battle

Looking for the most epic battles in your life

Multiplayer fight test system. Skirmishes of thousands of troopers in a system game with high speed activity. Design your military by choosing the fighters, situating your divisions and choosing their arrangement. As you win fights you will open new units, there are 18 to open. You can choose Human, Mythical being, Undead, and Savage, Smaller person, Orc and Winged serpent warriors.


Key features of Epic Battel:

* Free web-based fight reproduction game.

* Awesome archaic fights.

* Multiplayer fights with players from everywhere the world.

* Permits you to play disconnected.

* Marker of all out fights won, triumphs in succession and record of triumphs in succession.

* Browse 7 unique kinds of units: Infantry, Weighty Infantry, Toxophilite, Rangers, Lancers, and Mages and Mythical serpents.

* Open up to 18 different officer units by winning fights. Every unit is opened each 5 fights won.

* Battle with Human, Mythical being, Undead, Savage, Midget, Orc and Winged serpent warriors.

* Each military has a ruler.

* Win the fight by disposing of the ruler or a big part of the foe troops.

* Greatest span of the fight 10 minutes. In the event of the finish of time, the player who has disposed of the most aggressors will win.

For the test battle simulator mode:

Place both yours and the enemy's army. Proceed to the battlefield and watch the battle as it is simulated!

It is totally up to the best strategy to win! With the most accurate placement of your army you will get the best results! Multiple troops are available to choose from and more to come! It is totally up to you to build your army!

Fighters with swords, shields, spears, hammers, bows, cannons, guns and more are waiting for you to choose! Don't wait, try it now!