Gangs Idle City

Gangs Idle City

Make the city prosper by becoming its mayor! Develop your own settlement from a small village to a full-fledged megapolis!

Build buildings and hire more workers to speed up construction and move faster. Make living homes, but don't forget about roads and the other necessary infrastructure like schools, gyms, hospitals, banks, restaurants, sports fields, gas stations, and so on!

Your budget will rise in proportion to the rate of development of your city. Obtain additional funds to construct more homes!

Improve your structures. Each of them can be improved to improve the happiness of your citizens!

Buy vehicles because every town requires taxis, ambulance trucks, and police cars. Keep an eye on them, and your city will become cozier!


Idle City Builder is great for this reason:

What are you waiting for? - Intuitive interface - Bright 3D graphics - Simple controls Start constructing your own town by downloading Idle City Builder 3D right now!

Your ideal city is waiting! Earn money, expand your city, and level up the buildings. You can make money even if you aren't connected to the internet! Demonstrate that our city is the most powerful and beautiful in the world by becoming a City Building Tycoon! Build whatever you want—houses, cafes, stores, factories, stadiums, parks—in any location you choose. Your building process does not follow a predetermined route! Find a balance between the number of residents and employed people and the amount of electricity you get from the power plant to maximize income and feel like money is going into your city's budget! The most exciting city-building simulator available today is here! Become the most powerful City Tycoon by implementing the best plan!