Tic Toc Dance

Tic Toc Dance

With a ton of dance moves and endless variations, you can create and choreograph professional dances!

Dress your ballerina in stunning outfits and dance accessories before the big show!


Do you long to be the world's most beautiful ballerina? You might be able to realize your goals by playing this ballerina girl game! It's time to demonstrate your ballet moves, so lace up your ballet slippers and don your most glittering tutu! Perform a spin, leap, and twirl across the stage in front of your most devoted fans! Professional ballets can even be choreographed to your favorite old songs. Dare to pointe dance and make your dreams come true!



> In this dreamy girl game, dance to the most well-known ballet tunes in a world-famous theater!

> Create your very own ballet by choosing from a plethora of dance steps!

> Keep your best performances in a safe place and watch them over and over again!

> In this glamorous girl game, you can dress as a ballerina in the most stunning outfits. Numerous dresses and tutus to choose from!

> Ballet injury, oh no! At the clinic of the doctor, treat injured ballerinas!

> Put pretty buns in your hair, just like a real professional ballerina would!

> Snap a picture with your preferred ballerina! For the camera, smile!

You can become the greatest superstar in rhythmic gymnastics the world has ever seen! Wow the crowd by dressing up in stunning rhythmic gymnastics costumes that sparkle. As you compete for your nation, choreograph your own routine and dance your way up the competition leaderboard.


In the biggest competition of the year, this is your chance to dress up and become a rhythmic gymnastics superstar girl! As you twirl ribbons and watch your amazing teammates leap through hoops and dance with balls, you can compete in a team with the best rhythmic superstar gymnast girls. Dance your way up from regional competitions to major international competitions! Choreograph your own routine to represent your nation! Impress the jury!