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Play Kirka unblocked at gamegab on is an immersive, fast-paced online FPS game that takes you on a journey of adventure, excitement, and a chance to earn gold. 

Intro To The Game

With a voxelated art style, kirka io offers unforgettable gaming fun and experience that is both visually stunning and packed with action. Similar to other games in the same category (FPS), this game features 34 levels, spread across three exciting game modes, including solo play, team play, and parkour mode where you can bag the most points. Each level and various game modes offer a unique challenge and the opportunity to showcase your skills and strategy.

How To Play The Game

In, you have the freedom to fully customize your character and change weapon menu to leverage more weapons with sophisticated abilities. You choose from a vast range of weapons and unique skins to suit your playing style and show off your unique personality. As you progress through the game, you can complete daily quests, purchase chests and climb the leaderboards to earn rewards and more points, including gold, which you can use to purchase even more powerful weapons and skins.

Controls are easy on the hand. A mouse left click and right clicks will be vital in weapons loadout and entire gameplay navigation. Specific weapons loadout and other controls are as follows.

  • WASD - move

  • Space - Jump

  • Esc - Open the change weapon menu

  • left click-shoot

  • Right click - aim

  • E- Dash

  • 1, 2, and 3 - Switch weapons, More Than Just a Mobile Game is more than just a game, it's a thriving community of players from all over the world. Join forces with your friends, buy chests, switch item, engage in thrilling battle locations, or add new friends you meet in the game to your friend list. You can also join other players in a clan and participate in clan wars, earning unique rewards and bragging rights.


Get ready to play this game and be swept away by the fun and excitement on Join the battle, play with other players instantly via your browser, and customize your character and weapons, to earn yourself a place among the high scorers with incredible daily quests.