Metal Army war revenge
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Walkthrough - Metal Army war revenge

Metal Army war revenge

Get ready for the ultimate game of action!

Metal Soldiers 3 takes platform-style 2D shooters to a whole new level by taking a fresh look at the classic arcade experience.

In 120 challenging levels, you can choose your favorite hero to fight the rebel forces, or you can play endlessly in the endless mode.

The Power Mech, Battle Tank, and even helicopters can be used to destroy your foes! Also use your grenades and weapons!

However, be careful because the rivals have brand-new equipment. Engage in thrilling tank and helicopter ground-to-air combat. In the extremely challenging boss fights, be strategic and destroy the armored aberrations of your nemesis!


Why are you still waiting? Get Metal Soldiers 3 right now, and get ready for some action!



- Controls that are easy to understand.

- Hundreds of hours of exciting entertainment.

- More than 100 levels

- A selection of nine heroes

- Tanks. Choppers. Mechas.

- A lot of enemies to contend with.

- Modern and traditional weapons

- Fantastic gameplay

Load and Lock! For the ultimate action game, get your weapons ready. Metal Soldiers 2 combines the action of 2D shooters with the adrenaline of platform games. Tap to jump and shoot, and move around with the pad. Use a variety of grenades and guns as well!Battle the rebel forces through 15 challenging missions in a Battle Tank, Power Mech, or even a Helicopter.However, be careful, as the rebels acquired significant new equipment. Engage in thrilling tank battles or tank-helicopter ground-to-air battles. With the new vehicles and enemies, there is a lot of shooting to be done.In Metal Soldiers 2!, destroy all enemies! In this amazing shooter game, you can kill them all.