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World War 2 Reborn
World War 2 Reborn

World War 2 Reborn

World War II Reborn

Welcome to the incredibly dynamic first-person shooter World War II Reborn, in which you will have the opportunity to go to the battlefield and take part in real historical battles! There are many intense matches ahead of you, in which you need to show your tactical skills to capture enemy territories. Try to score as many points as possible before the end of the round to take first place in the ranking table.

Play Deathmatch-mode against other players around the world. You are in the blue team with other soldiers. The goal is to defeat the red team!

In the shop you can upgrade weapons. Choose awesome animated pistols, SMG's, knives and grenades. Besides weapons you can use and upgrade first aid kits or armor kits. Pistol models are Lunger, Colt1911, Masuser, Nagant and Nambu. SMP, short for submachinegun, models are MP40, Thomson, PPSH, Sten, and Special 40. For each SMP you can upgrade the following characteristics: Power, Zoom, Accuracy, Clip Size and Reload Time.