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Rally Racer Dirt
Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt

Fasten your seat belts, push the gas pedal to the floor, and race down the dirt road, kicking up dust behind you. Experience several rally tracks with classic rally racing cars. Watch out for pop-up signs that will warn you of a tight turn.

Switch to the first-person camera view for a deeper dive into the thrill of driving a rally race car. The less time you spend on overcoming the distance, the more money you can earn. Also, try to score as many drift points as possible to get additional rewards. Accumulate enough money to buy other cars or improve the characteristics of the existing vehicle.

Test your strength in survival mode, where you need to pass through checkpoints and set new excellent records! Also, you will have access to multiplayer mode, where you can compete with other real players to win the title of the best racer! In short, you have three gaming mode options: Career, Survival and Multiplayer mode.

In the Multiplayer mode you can choose if you want to drive in a race against a random real player from around the world or drive against your friend on the web. By creating a room and your friend joing the room, you can drive against your friend online. Come back for the daily bonus in the game! You might know the game from your app store from Google or Apple. This game has 75+ million downloads in the Google Play store alone! Now, you are able to play it directly in any browser here. Good Race!