Call Of Tanks

Call Of Tanks

GET prepared for some genuine tank fight activity! TANKS of WAR places you controlling everything of your own protected vehicle beefed up with all the most recent tech. Your central goal: annihilate adversary tanks quicker than they obliterate you. Ideal for fanatic tank fight and strategic shooter fans the same.

Ongoing interaction:

Battle modules including different dynamic and uninvolved tank connections, like napalm, x-beam and different treats. Flaunt your vital and strategic abilities fighting with your authority of various modules. All tanks can be furnished with any module.

Group fights

Roll into tremendous gathering fights with a decent methodology and pound any foe tank in your way!

Lots of various tanks, from the exemplary Challenger 2, to self-pushed firearms like the K9 Thunder. Pick your tank to counter your adversaries' decisions and allow procedure to communicate everything.

Matchmaking for robotized player search and determination in view of rating. The better you play, the harder your rivals! In addition if you have any desire to prepare, you can constantly improve your abilities against bots.

ELO rating framework so the world knows the better you drive your tank, the higher your position and the harder your adversaries. Each time you rank up, you open new tanks and capacities. Battle for your place at the top and don't allow your rivals to pull off any free focuses!

Reasonable 3D designs. Madly definite tanks and guides are good looking for fanatic tank fight and strategic shooter fans the same.

Find a huge number of guides. Tank fights will unfurl on a wide range of and unmistakable fields in which triumph relies upon your group's procedure and information on their environmental factors. Normandy right when the defining moment of WW2 happened. The dystopian No man's land, burned by a severe radioactive sun. The Mediterranean coast with its old vestiges. A snow-shrouded base at the edge of the world, a city, desert sands, an eastern city... And, surprisingly, the Moon!

You're rarely alone. Need to play with a companion? Make a unit. Need to team up on a greater scale? Join a tribe to enter fight as a feature of a bunch of similar players and look for magnificence in Rating Fights or partake in competitions with prizes! Coordinate your procedure and destroy your foes together!