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Crush it ALL!
Crush it ALL!

Crush it ALL!

Crush it all

Crush it all, but crush only things you can crush. Get ready for a smashing good time in Crush It ALL, the ultimate destruction game where you can unleash your inner lumberjack and crush everything in sight with your trusty axe! With colorful graphics and kid-friendly gameplay, Crush It ALL is perfect for players of all ages.

In Crush It ALL, your objective is simple: destroy as many objects as you can within the time limit. From juicy fruits to fragile vases, nothing is safe from your mighty swings. But don't worry, there's no blood or gore here—just good old-fashioned fun!

With its intuitive controls and addictive gameplay, Crush It ALL offers hours of entertainment for the whole family. Compete against friends to see who can smash the most objects, or challenge yourself to beat your high score with each playthrough.