Greetings from Impostor Legends!


It is time for an impostor rampage! Start fighting with one of the many legendary Impostors! Obtain all components to build your own collection of legendary Impostors that are the strongest! Find and fuse parts with super abilities to defeat enemies on a variety of levels—from an underground base to a spaceship, the real traitor always has fun fights!

Do you know how to control imposter?

With its simple controls, Impostor Legends is easy to learn. Just combine two parts to create your legendary Impostor, then start fighting through levels! You can play however you like: Move forward in stealth mode like a true traitor, carefully crawling between enemies, or fight them off and be a true hero! Not only can your imposter defeat regular foes, but he can also take down legendary epic bosses!

Have ability to show imposter skills?

Earn money from defeating bosses and enemies to unlock new parts. Obtain new parts and expand your collection of playable characters. Which Impostor will you like best? Improve your stats for amazing fights by upgrading your base and Impostor skills. Need more? In the cooperative multiplayer arena mode, test your legendary Impostor's capabilities! For maximum enjoyment, defend against enemy hordes as a team of four players!


Create, gather, and add all Impostors to your collection! Choose your favorite among the legendary heroes, ninjas, monsters, and heroes with superpowers! Are you going to be the player with the most unique Impostors? Try it out in Impostor Legends and have fun!