Vex 3
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Vex 3

Vex 3 is a difficult stage experience game. Advance from one stage to the next and keep away from destructive deterrents, for example, buzzsaws, spikes, disintegrating blocks, and that's just the beginning!


Run and leap to arrive at the banners. These are the designated spots. At the point when you contact them they will become green and save your advancement. Realize a wide range of valuable moves and deceives, for example, wall climbing and kicking away cases, to address each roadblock en route.


VEX 3 takes Vex to a higher level! This high speed stickman vex through game scrutinizes your abilities. Run, hop, slide, swim, flip and keep away from hindrances, VEX 4 has everything. Complete 9 demonstrations, 9 hard modes, Vexation and the Test Room! A growing room that scrutinizes your cutoff points!


Quit searching for more sprinter match-ups. Challenge yourself in this stage activity game. Bounce and flip from one stage to another and stay away from lethal impediments like saws, spikes, lasers, and that's just the beginning!

The most effective method to Play Vex 3

To play through and advance on Vex 3, you should arrive at the finish of each demonstration. That implies staying away from the lethal snares and gadgets spread around each level. At the point when you succumb to one of these deadly contraptions, you'll be sent back to the closest designated spot. From that point, you need to sort out some way to beat the impediment causing you trouble.

Vex 3 Demonstrations

There are 10 normal demonstrations to manage. As you'd envision, it gets trickier. The maze turns out to be more complicated and traps really testing. In the event that you're a resolved gamer, there are 9 test acts as well. These will procure you a merited "No-nonsense" prize