Flip Skate Idle

Flip Skate Idle

Do you want skating?

Ride securely on the skateboard without hitting hindrances. Beat all deterrents and gather stars along with the other player. Attempt Flip Skater Inactive now for a tomfoolery skateboard game with 50 distinct levels.


Now is the right time to have a great time skateboard! In the game surfer "Surfers on Skateboards", skate you can get a colossal part of adrenaline and activity with the coolest legends.

There are three characters in the game tony sell: the monkey lord, kryptonic digital young lady and an extreme contender named Lee penny board.

Key features of skating game

You can pick any legend that you like and go on a bewildering venture longboard.

 Reasonable material science and staggering 3D illustrations

- 3 free wander game modes: Preparing, Rivalry, Practice.

- Instructional exercise recordings - watch and attempt yourself!

- Regular multi-contact controls, advanced from Touchgrind and Touchgrind BMX

- Shifted camera view, like Touchgrind BMX

- Three distinct skateparks with bowls, inclines, controls, boxes and over 2.000 meters of rails

- Complete the 100 difficulties to open decks, wheels, grasp tapes and stickers

- Genuine skating experience

- Stunt name identification

Best 3d skating game

This will assist you with staying safe and go beyond what many would consider possible skate shops close to me. En route, you should gather gold bars and rewards. Rewards will give you unique capacities, and with gold you can purchase a cool new skateboard riding board. This game will pursue skateboard shop, not exclusively to complex gamers who require adrenaline kite surfing.

Additionally skate shops, it will speak to conventional players who need to take a break and love games in the style of metro riding soul surf.

Partake in the game and best of luck wind surfer!