Gold Tower Defense

Gold Tower Defense

Gold Tower Defense M's distinctive qualities.

Gold tower defense game with support for PVP in real time!

- Get lost in the charm of Gold Tower Defense, which lets users fight each other online in real time.

  1. linking with the Gold Tower Defense TV version: KT Genie TV, SKBTV, HCN, Android TV, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs can be linked with the Gold Tower Defense TV version (play TV account on smart phone). Gold Tower Defense can compete fiercely with TV Gold Tower Defense users as well as mobile Gold Tower Defense users all over the world.



Gold Tower Defense M's exciting game modes include Stage mode (easy, normal, and hard), Real-time PVP arena (user battle), Daily dungeon (a daily dungeon mode), and Tower of Proof (all platform match modes). I recommend Gold Tower Defense M to these people!

- Newcomers to tower defense games

- Individuals looking to give a strategic tower defense game a shot.

- Those who have previously played El Dorado.

- Users who are already playing Gold Tower Defense on television.

- Users who wish to suggest a tower defense game to elementary school students.



The Ace Expedition departs to seek El Dorado in Gold Tower Defense.

This is a story that takes place a long time before the game "Eldorado - Find the Golden City."

He lets the minions of Gul Bey, the witch who wants all of her gold. She wanted to steal all of the gold from the village.

Will she be able to keep the town's gold and fend off the pillaging of Gul Bayg and her men?


I'd like to play Gold Tower Defense. Gold Tower Defense M can be downloaded from Google Play. Samsung and LG Smart TVs: After installing "Keep Gold Tower Defense" on the TV app, you can play.

-Genie TV by KT: Gold Tower Defense: Keep the Gold can be played in 750 or via the TV App->Game menu.

- BTV: Games and apps allow you to play "Gold Tower Defense Keep the Gold."

- YouTube TV: After searching for and downloading Gold Tower Defense from Google Play, you can play.