Gold Digger FRVR

Gold Digger FRVR

Want Gold Miner Tycoon

Take your new pickaxe, put on your cap and how about we enter the mine! Partake in the best mining game out there and investigate a limitless mine brimming with fortunes, risks and riddles that main a genuine master excavator can settle! Here down in the mine life is straightforward: Digging constantly and attempting to find all the gold you can (and in the event that you're fortunate, several secret fortunes). Collect a decent plunder and afterward offer it in Joe's shop to get cash for purchasing new gear for your next endeavor.

Key features of Gold digger game

★ Haphazardly created perpetual tomfoolery run maps

★ Leprechaun traps you've never seen

★ Precarious hindrances wherever in the maze. Whether it's a rock run or a labyrinth block or even tap blocks

★ Select fortune digger devices to run much more profound in the mother lode

★ Pick your own pixel excavator character

★ Find lost or secret money boxes and diamonds

★ Contend with your companions for the BEST DIGGER title!


Dig stone & get money

In any case, be careful with the stones in the profundities of the mine, dig cautiously or they will pulverize you! Utilize your pickaxe to sift through to figure out how to match the stones together. Match at least 3 stones from a similar variety to interface them and make them detonate! Very much like a riddle inside a mine. Investigate everywhere of the cavern and investigate every possibility - who can say for sure what you could track down in the profundities of this mother lode? Recover old dinosaur bones, important gold pieces, even goliath precious stones - no stone can stop you on your mining mission!