Super Onion Boy
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Super Onion Boy

If you fancy platformers, Super Onion Boy from Power Studios got you covered. The game features a compelling storyline of a boy nicknamed Onion. He has the single mission of saving the princess of Veggie Land from the dreaded demonic forces of Black Dragon. Featuring the classic platformer mechanics, this is a thriller you will never want to miss. 

Jump, run, float, or shoot at the appropriate time to progress to various levels. 

About The Game 

The game was first released in 2019 and it is among the popular titles in the developer’s Mario series. It is a versatile game and you can play it via mobile browser, android flash players, or PC. The gameplay involves dodging monsters who try to block your path. Eventually, you are deemed successful if you reach the princess and save her. 

As such, you will have the Onion boy traveling across dynamic landscapes, each with specific challenges and obstacles. You will come across increasingly difficult levels with dynamic puzzles, enemies, traps, and obstacles, which you must overcome to progress to consecutive levels. 

The good news is that on successive levels you might be lucky to land power-ups and upgrades that enbolden the boy’s effort to take up more challenging obstacles and fights. There are a total of 15 levels and reaching the final is a milestone every player craves. The controls are easy and do not require elaborate explanation. You use arrows to move the boy and Z when you need him jumping. 

Super Onion Overall Feel 

This is a generally attractive and appealing game with classic platformer mechanics. You don’t have to think much into the game because the gameplay is direct and the controls are effortless to understand. Graphics are relatively retro and soundtracks are classic, reminiscent of the 80s and 90s popular soundtracks. 

Tips and Tricks 

Platformer games are typically simple. There are no specific tricks as everything depends on how skillfully and luckily you bypass the challenges. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect. Therefore, it is advisable to play the game over and over again and get familiar with the changing challenges and puzzles. You will learn the prospective quests in the upcoming level and prepare your control instincts accordingly. 

Super Onion Boy in Summary 

Whether a platformer game lover or new to the genre you will have fun playing this game. The challenging obstacles in your quest to save the princess will give you the intrinsic push to try more. Additionally, the clear-cut classic-alluding graphics, plus retro vibes will reawaken with nostalgia, and the appetite for unraveling more battles in the dark world. It is all fun-full and you can try it while on the go from your favorite mobile device.