Rocky Rampage
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Rocky Rampage

The first character in the game is Mr. Boulder, along with his assistant Pebble. Mr. Boulder always shows up with a furious expression on his face; why? He has won the rock kingdom's top fashion prize and is the best dressed; He owns the entire kingdom's admired Wonder paint collection. However, the Empire of Scissors, his adversary who was envious of him, stole the priceless collection one day when he was distracted. He rushes right into the Empire of Scissors' castle to get them back, but she finds out and quickly runs away. With his Pebble assistant, Boulder made the decision to pursue the collection. This is also the story that unfolds throughout the game, as two dramatic characters go on a chase journey.


Rocky Rampage simply presses the screen, allowing Boulder to fly as far as he can; the more he is able to catch the Empire of Scissors, the more boulder will move to crush her soldiers and gain momentum for the next jump. In addition, there is a long, backward-running jump button for players to manipulate more. Despite being straightforward, the player must also calculate which jump will be the longest to reach the destination; When moving while collecting coins on the road, the player's jump will be lower if they touch the ground than if they land on the enemy's head.


Food can be purchased with coins obtained from the road, and animals can be unlocked to help the character fly further. The player's operation will also affect the character's speed and direction. You will acquire a character Wonderpaint at each milestone; Re-collect the stolen collection is your responsibility.

Best user interface with animations designed in 3D.

 Play the game to hear interesting things about this colorful game! Even though the game has only been out for a year, it still has a lot of players of all ages because the image is so eye-catching, making it easy to get teenagers to play it.