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Addicting Drift

Addicting Drift Game Review

Addicting Drift is a compelling racing game ideal for all types of mobile gamers. It is available for free and it sets you to relish the smooth racetrack as you deliver valuables within specified timelines. It is, generally, a test of how long can the player drift. So sit back, tighten your safety belt, and take control of your machine to progress in levels and emerge the winner with extra points from elegant drifts. 

More About The Game 

Racing games are synonymous with speed. Addicting Drift is not different. Your mission is to speedily drive the car and spin outwards as you drift in different courses, two laps for each round. To win a particular level, the driver must drift a predetermined number of times. 

In particular, each successful drift must be held for 3 seconds without crashing into the wall for your score to count. If, unfortunately, you are unable to hold on to your drift, or you smash the wall or barriers on your way, then all those points you have accumulated in the current level will be deducted from your total count. 

Bear in mind that your overall drift levels score depends on the time it takes to clock the finishing line and the bonus points you earn from the drifts. As such, learn to perform longer and more stylish drifts and bag more points. 

How To Play The Game 

Addicting Drift’s game controls are easy to understand. They are the reason new and experienced players find it effortless to have fun when playing. You simply control the car using keyboard arrows when playing on a PC. The Up arrow is for accelerating, while the down arrow is for breaks or decelerating. The left and right arrows are for steering. 

When building on your drift, you must quickly accelerate, turn in one direction and immediately shift to the opposite direction. All these actions should happen within a split second. It is a race against time and you should be aware of the risks of crashing the wall. 

If you play the game on mobile the concept is still the same. Nevertheless, controls are different because there are no left, right, up, or down arrows. Instead, you use touchscreen controls. You accelerate by tapping right and apply breaks by tapping the left side of your screen. Swipe left or right for steering.

With mobile screens, you can even adjust sensitivity levels. This allows you the luxury of optimizing your drifts and improved confidence owing to the fact that you can strike a balance between ease of use and precision. 

Addicting Drift in Nutshell 

Overall, Addicting Drift is a fast-paced game that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat as you test your driving skills. Controls are easy on your hand and you will have ultimate fun once you gain insights into the racetrack turns and twists. It is a great game for players of all levels; so grab your steering wheel and stand up for the upcoming challenge.