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Mini Royale Nations - Back to the 80s - Season 7

Mini Royale Nations is a free to play browser-based FPS and social strategy game. The developer Farwaway calls it an Open Economy RPG Shooter. The core shooter game is set on top of a land control-oriented, social strategy game with a deep emphasis on clans, alliances and social mechanics.

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Game Modes

There are 3 game modes currently live on Mini Royale: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Free For All. Join matches of 2-3 minutes with 9 other players to score XP and level up, complete Quests, and earn Battle Pass Points to unlock Hero and Weapon skins. Players can play on public servers or in private rooms. Want to play with a friend? Create a Party to game with up to 2 other players on the same team.

Battle Pass

Mini Royale features a new Battle Pass each season. Players can earn Battle Pass points by playing in matches, completing Quests, and winning Clan Wars. Earning Battle Pass points unlocks Battle Pass tiers and prizes incl. skins.

Note: Play on Desktop ONLY!