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Barbershop Inc
Barbershop Inc

Barbershop Inc

Barbershop Inc.: An idle clicker game

Barbershop Inc. is an idle game where you run your own barbershop. You start with a single chair, from which you can grow your own barbershop empire. Start out by upgrading your chair, clipper and comb to earn more money for each haircut. If you make enough, you can buy an extra chair!

Embark on a hair-raising adventure as you dive into the world of Barbershop Inc., a thrilling free online game that combines clicker, management, idle, and tycoon elements. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and showcase your barbering skills to build a successful empire in this unblocked game!

Clicker Gameplay

In Barbershop Inc., every click counts! As a budding barber, you'll start with a humble shop and a single chair. Click on customers to provide them with top-notch haircuts, shaves, and stylish makeovers. The more clicks you make, the faster your income grows.

Upgrade your equipment, hire talented barbers, and expand your services to attract a wider customer base. With each click, you'll earn money and experience points, allowing you to progress and unlock exciting new features.

Management and Tycoon Elements

In this clicker game, you're not just a barber but also a savvy manager. As the owner of Barbershop Inc., you'll need to make strategic decisions to maximize your profits. Invest your earnings wisely in upgrading your shop, purchasing new furniture, and unlocking trendy hairstyles and grooming accessories.

Expand your business empire by opening new branches in different locations. Hire skilled barbers and train them to deliver exceptional service. Keep an eye on customer satisfaction, as happy clients bring in more revenue and help your barbershop thrive.

Manage your resources efficiently and stay ahead of your competitors to become the ultimate tycoon in the barbering industry.

Idle Gameplay

Barbershop Inc. also offers an idle gameplay feature, allowing you to earn income even when you're not actively clicking. While you're away, your dedicated team of barbers will continue to serve customers, generating money for your business.

Upgrade your idle earnings and unlock special boosts to make your barbershop prosper even during your absence. Return to the game to find your coffers filled with rewards and progress further on your path to success.

Unblocked Fun

Barbershop Inc. is an unblocked game, meaning you can enjoy it on any device or platform without restrictions. Play at school, work, or anywhere else and experience the thrill of building your barbering empire.

  • Enjoy a free online clicker game that combines management, idle, and tycoon elements.
  • Click on customers to provide haircuts, shaves, and makeovers to earn money and experience points.
  • Upgrade your shop, hire skilled barbers, and expand your services to attract more customers.
  • Manage your resources and make strategic decisions to become the ultimate barbering tycoon.
  • Earn income even while idle and unlock special boosts to accelerate your progress.
  • Play Barbershop Inc. on any device or platform with its unblocked feature.

Step into the world of Barbershop Inc. and unleash your inner entrepreneur. Click, manage, and idle your way to success in this thrilling free online game!