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Wizard Wars Online
Wizard Wars Online

Wizard Wars Online

Wizard Wars Online - A powerful Adventure Fantasy RPG game

Wizard Online is an online adventure game. Choose the spells your wizard is able to use at the beginning. You can choose betweeen The Book Of Light, The Book Of Frost, The Book Of Dark and The Book Of Storm. Each spell collections include four main spells. The Book Of Light for example rely on the power of light to keep you and your alies alive through all stages of the battle. Through endless healing, powerful shields and jolly cantor provided by the pixies your team will be able to confidently recover after a battle. Just don't let your pixies catch sight of an enemy zombie.

-With the Light Bolt spell your attacks heal living targets, but deal double damage to the undead.
- The Shield blocks 50 damage for all nearby alies
- Bless Land is a healing spell as well. Bless the targeted land
- The Summon Pixie is the last spell of The Book Of Light spell collection. Summon cute pixies to follow, heal, and shield your team.