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Fishing Duels
Fishing Duels

Fishing Duels

Fishing Duels, a online multiplayer match-3 game

Play against real players in the world and compete in match-3 games. The game is turn based, that means you must play strategic. Swap one item of the board in order to clear at least three items with the same symbol. If you clear four items, you will get an extra turn. Fill out all required items on the top left. Your character will get skill points that are shown besides your character item.

Play with friends

In the menu you can choose Play With Friends. Then click Invite Friend. You will get an invitation link that you send your friend. If you opens the link you can play against each other.


The leaderboard shows a hitlist of the best players of the day, the week and monthly. Will you be able to reach the top 100 list?


While playing you can achieve a lot of achievements. You will be able to unlock new level.