Burning Rubber Multiplayer

Burning Rubber Multiplayer

This game requires each player to have a smartphone. The world's most explosive racing game is here!Burnin' Rubber 5 Air is a massive 3D action racing game with all the destructive goodness that made the previous games so popular. To become the ultimate racing mercenary, the game's objective is to collect as many cars and weapons as possible. It has been completely rebuilt and optimized for Air Console use.

The machine gun-equipped racing cars are what set it apart. On four tracks, in addition to avoiding the cars and obstacles in front of you, you can shoot them to earn additional points that can be used to select better vehicles and weapons.

Those, along with the power-ups you can get while traveling, will help you raise your high score, which will be based on how far you travel.

Features: To defeat your adversary, steer, brake, drift, and fire your weapons!

NEW: Split screen local multiplayer for up to four players!

Twelve brand-new racing circuits to master.

There are 16 fantastic vehicles to choose from.

Eight primary and eight explosive secondary weapons to experiment with.

Amazing effects and graphics.

Original, high-octane racing music for each track.

Burnin' Rubber is a racing game with a lot of fun and action! Get in your car, start driving, and let loose the beast! For bonus points, try to get as far as you can while avoiding other cars and obstacles or destroying them with powerful machine guns. To cover even more distance, upgrade your gear and gather awesome power-ups. Are you up to some rage on the road?

Regarding Air Console:

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