Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria

Welcome to the sizzling world of Papa's Burgeria, now available on! 

Get ready to experience the thrill of running your own burger joint and taking the culinary world by storm. With its addictive gameplay and charming graphics, Papa's Burgeria will transport you to a world where burgers reign supreme.

As the new chef in town, you are tasked with flipping burgers with passion and precision. Take your first order and follow the instructions on the screen to fry the patty and build the perfect burger. But the fun doesn't stop there! 

As the levels progress, you will face new challenges, including increased customers and more complex orders. That's where your time management skills come into play. 

Balance your responsibilities and learn the timings to achieve the best scores and tips from your customers.

In addition to cooking up a storm, you also have the opportunity to buy upgrades for the restaurant using your hard-earned tips. From televisions to keep customers entertained, to lamps that keep burgers warm, there are plenty of items to choose from. And, if you're looking to personalize your experience, take a look at the customer book, which features detailed profiles of all of Papa's prized customers.


  • Manage Papa's Burgeria in his absence
  • Assemble mouth-watering burgers from start to finish
  • Keep customers happy for maximum rewards
  • Benefit from your mastery of burger flipping skills

So, what are you waiting for? Join the burger revolution and show Papa Louie just how much of a burger master you can be. Play Papa's Burgeria on today!