Superstar Family Dress Up Game

Superstar Family Dress Up Game

On the same screen, create extravagant outfits and stunning looks for a superstar family of four stunning virtual models! There are more than 200 items of clothing, makeup, and accessories in each character's wardrobe. To get the final picture ready for an album, add cute pets, fireworks, and cool stickers. To demonstrate your fashionista skills, take a screenshot by pressing the "Camera" button within the game and share it online with your friends and family.

Select one of eight backgrounds to establish the context: a shopping excursion across a downtown boutique street, a red carpet walk, a studio photo shoot, an interior and exterior mansion, a castle living room, a park picnic, and an oriental palace

There is a huge selection of fashionable makeup options and fancy clothing for each doll. Everything can be altered to your liking: from dresses to glam accessories like gold necklaces and Swiss watches to the shape and color of the iris. Who are these toys? Internet celebrities, movie stars, famous supermodels from glossy magazine covers, princes and princesses, actors and actresses in theater, wealthy businesspeople, or something else? You make your decision by selecting an appropriate outfit, a hairstyle, and stylish accessories to complete the look. For instance, the mother might be a famous model, the father might be an actor, and the children would each attend an elite private school with their own chauffeur and bodyguard.

There is a selection of hijabs, female Muslim dresses, and male Muslim costumes for Muslim players.


By pressing the "More games" button within the game, you can download and play more of our doll styling and makeover games for girls for Android. Without in-app purchases or locks, all of our applications are completely free. Young fashionistas looking for high-quality dress-up and makeup simulators will appreciate this. Keep an eye out for new beauty salon, cosplay, and makeover apps coming soon!