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Royal Story

Royal Story

Play Royal Story: A Free Online Game with a Royal Twist

Get ready to experience a magical world of farming and royal intrigue with Royal Story! The game is a free online game that lets you build your own farm and interact with other players in a captivating fairytale setting. You play as a princess or a prince, and your goal is to restore your kingdom to its former glory by growing crops, raising animals, and completing quests.

Farming Fun with Royal Story

If you love farming games, Royal Story is the perfect game for you. The game mechanics are simple and easy to understand, so even if you've never played a farming game before, you won't have any trouble getting started. You start with a small plot of land and a few basic resources, but as you progress through the game, you can expand your farm, unlock new crops and animals, and build new structures.

  • Grow a variety of crops, including wheat, corn, and strawberries
  • Raise chickens, cows, sheep, and other animals
  • Unlock new items and tools to help you farm more efficiently
  • Trade with other players to get the resources you need

Befriend the Royal Family

In Royal Story, you're not just a farmer—you're also a member of the royal family. As you complete quests and help the other members of the royal family, you'll earn their trust and respect. You'll also get to know the other characters in the game, each with their own unique personality and backstory.

  • Interact with the king and queen to learn more about your kingdom
  • Befriend the other members of the royal family, including the princes and princesses
  • Complete quests to earn rewards and build your reputation
  • Unlock new areas of the kingdom as you progress through the game

Join the Royal Story Community

One of the best things about Royal Story is the community of players who love the game. You can chat with other players, trade resources, and help each other out. You can also join or create a guild to work together with other players and compete in guild events.

  • Connect with other players from around the world
  • Join or create a guild to work together with other players
  • Compete in guild events for special rewards
  • Share your progress with friends on social media


Overall, Royal Story is a fun and addictive game that's perfect for anyone who loves farming games or fairytale stories. With its charming graphics, engaging storyline, and friendly community, it's sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So why not give it a try and see if you have what it takes to restore your kingdom to its former glory?