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Rabbit Zombie Defense
Rabbit Zombie Defense
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Rabbit Zombie Defense

Rabbit Zombie Defense: The Cutest Tower Defense Game for Halloween

Get ready to defend your home against the zombie invasion in Rabbit Zombie Defense! This free online game is an adorable twist on the classic tower defense genre, featuring cute rabbits as your defenders and zombie bunnies as your enemies.

With Halloween right around the corner, Rabbit Zombie Defense is the perfect game to get in the holiday spirit. The spooky soundtrack and eerie graphics create a chilling atmosphere, while the lovable rabbits add a touch of cuteness to the game.

In Rabbit Zombie Defense, your goal is to protect your carrot patch from the zombie bunnies. You'll need to strategically place your rabbit defenders along the path to the carrot patch to prevent the zombies from reaching their goal. With each level, the zombie bunnies become stronger and more difficult to defeat, so you'll need to upgrade your defenses to keep up.

One of the unique features of Rabbit Zombie Defense is the ability to switch between different rabbit defenders. Each rabbit has their own set of skills and abilities, so you'll need to use them strategically to defeat the zombie hordes. Whether you prefer the speedy ninja rabbit or the powerful wizard rabbit, there's a defender for every playstyle.

Rabbit Zombie Defense is a fun and challenging tower defense game that is perfect for players of all ages. Whether you're a fan of cute animals or zombie games, you'll love this unique twist on the genre. Play now and see if you have what it takes to defend your carrot patch from the zombie bunnies!

  • Free online game
  • Cute rabbits as defenders
  • Zombie bunnies as enemies
  • Strategic tower defense gameplay
  • Upgradeable defenses
  • Switch between different rabbit defenders
  • Perfect for Halloween