Funny Puppy Emergency

Funny Puppy Emergency

This caring game gives a pet a new and enjoyable life. Learn to be a veterinarian and assist infant animals in healing their wounds and getting back on their feet. We all know that young animals can get into a lot of trouble, so why not play one of the best games about caring for them and help them get better like a real veterinarian would?


++ Choose the pet you want to assist.


+ Preparing your pet's wounds for medication and first aid is important.


++ Take their temperature and give them antibiotics to fight infections.


++ Prior to applying bandages and removing any lingering debris, vaccinate your pet.


+ Give your pet a new outfit and accessories to flaunt to the world.

The children's lives could be changed by your love and care! Bring delicious food for them to eat home. Oder give them a bath to get rid of the dirt. The pets will stand out in the show with chic outfits and stylish makeup, earning you a lot of decorations and elevating the puppies' homes! Parkour, look for the bones—there are a lot of fun activities waiting to blow your mind!

Argh, argh! Puppy has been playing all day, and now he needs your care! You'll be in charge of giving your puppy his first haircut in this fun virtual pet game. Take him to the pet salon, where you'll have to complete a slew of animal games in order to get him properly groomed after all the dirt he's gotten from playing outside. As you wash and treat your puppy, you'll feel like a real dog owner. Get to work, then! The dog needs you!