Tiktok Girls vs Likee Girls
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Tiktok Girls vs Likee Girls

Marinet and Milana are modern princesses looking to stay on top of all the newest fashion trends, actively engaging with social networks. Marinet is a fan of TikTok; she loves to sing, dance, and produce mini-videos. On the other hand, Milana is a fan of Likee and often uses it for hair and makeup tutorials, as well as trying out fun skins. What app is best? Join these heroines in their game “TikTok Girls vs Likee Girls” to find out!

The object of the game is to customize a character by dressing them up – you can choose between a variety of clothing and accessories, or create custom looks. The character has facial expressions and poses to choose from, so you can go for a realistic design or something more cartoonish.

Features ;

  • Variety of hairstyles
  • Makeup options
  • No time limit
  • Creativity booster
  • Easy and addictive gameplay

There is no time limit and no particular goal, but it’s satisfying to create unique looks that you can share with friends. The game is addictive and it’s easy to get lost in the possibilities of the makeover. Once you create the perfect look, you can save it and share it with your friends or look back on it to remember the creative path you took. This fun game can help bring out your creative side and can be an excellent way to express yourself without having to be too critical.