Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat

It's possible that the Internet isn't up to this: Clickers meet cats! The game that will finally reduce your output to nothing is Kitty Cat Clicker. Take note: After downloading this game, there is no life.


Build an entire army of cats to assist you and tap the Queen Cat as quickly as you can to provide her with tasty snacks. Will you be able to win the queen's approval and gain access to the treasure chests, where you can find amazing prizes? Take part!

You are invited to a picnic by three kittens from the well-known Russian cartoon "Kid-E-Cats."


 Aid the cat in bringing some food to the forest: Playing toddler games for 4 year olds, Mother Cat knows exactly what her family likes to eat. Follow her directions to get the right food!

In free games for kids, select your favorite cartoon characters to play with! In kitty cat games, you can choose from a variety of characters!

Play amusing kid games as you race around the blocks on your way to the forest.

Playing games for kids, you can gather mushrooms and berries!

Observe butterflies having fun!

Feed three kittens and the entire family of cats!

Playing amusing games for five-year-olds, catch fish for kitties!

How to play is straightforward: You should give the Queen Cat as much food as you can! You can either hire dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of new cats to help you feed the Queen by tapping her.


You get points that can be used to hire new cats for each piece of food you give the queen.


You will be granted permission to open the epic Treasure Chest from the queen once she is satisfied. What is inside? What's included? You alone can locate!



  • Purchase infinite upgrades!
  • Cookies are enjoyable, but cats, come on!
  • Take charge of the cat!